Robert LeBlanc
We were married on 27 Oct 2006
Robert grew up in Southern Louisiana in a little town called Breaux Bridge and he moved to Humble, TX just outside of Houston when he was 13. Robert graduated Humble High School in 1996 and went to San Jacinto Community College to study Audio Engineering and Technical Theatre. He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the California San Diego Mission from 1998-2000. Robert then transferred to Brigham Young University in 2001 where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology in 2006. Robert is currently employed at BYU in the College of Biology and Agriculture where he manages their supercomputer and helps manage their computer help desk team. In his spare time he works at the local movie theatre, works on his house and learns more about computers.
Carmellia Nez
Robert, you are an amazingly wonderful man. You're caring, intelligent, humble, funny, hardworking, service-oriented, sincere, understanding, and a total sweetheart. I love that you are a man of integrity and always work to keep an eternal perspective in all things. You love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I know you continually strive to draw closer to our Savior. You are such a strength to me and I know you will be a wonderful husband and father. Sweetie, you are incredible and I feel so blessed to have you in my life. I love you so very much and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives (and eternity!) together. :)
Rob Broadbent
Robert, you sly dog! Congratulations on your engagement!
Jen Tanner
Congrats!!! This is so awesome-Happy Engagement!
Easton Harvey
You get the b-man's stamp of approval. Carmellia seems to be an amazing woman.
John & Margery Boyden
Congratulations!!! You are both greatly blessed.
Julie Brizzee
Robert!!! I'm so happy and excited for you! I knew I hadn't heard from you in awhile, so I knew something was up! Will you be living there at the Smurf House? We'll have to visit ya sometime and meet Carmellia!! Keep in Touch!!
Tyler Free
I served with Elder LeBlanc in the San Diego Mission. He is a hard worker, and I learned alot from him in a very short time. Congrats Robert!
Todd Berrett
Robert, Nice work on the engagement - I knew you had it in you. Also, nice work on this web page. Apparently you learned something in IT210. Now, if only you could recreate it with javascript, and then with php and then with mysql . . . .
John Blickenstaff
I was Robert's bishop in Humble. His nickname was "Shnake." I don't know why. I just know he is a nice person and has no enemies, which is more than anyone can say about me.
Ken and Merrilee Slack
Congratulations to you both. We are delighted that you each met and fell in love with each other! It sounds like you will have a fun and rewarding life together. We wish you all the best.
Matt Waite
Robert is an awesome guy. I first met him through Carmellia, and instantly realized why these two were so perfect for each other. Both are so full of love. He is an easy person to get along with and talk with. I enjoy his personality and I know we will become great friends. Congratulations Robert, you are a wonderful person and you deserve the best too, which you are getting : )
Scott & Pam Schurdell
May you always be blessed with a wonderful eternal relationship, just as our Father In Heaven has planned.
Lindsey Boud
I grew up with Robert. We were in the same ward and attended high school together. I can't think of a more thoughtful, hard working, and all around great guy. Congratulations guys!
Ricky Leblanc II
Hey Bert, just wanted you to know that I'm extremely happy for you and hope for the best with your soon-to-be wife. May God bless you through all your trials and remember He is there for you always!! Love, Your Brother, Ricky
Little Monster (Hannah-Rose Nez)
Hey Roberto... I am happy for Camellia and you!!! I want to say welcome to the Family. Just remember "The Big Fat Greek Wedding" quote... Well love the little monster!!!
Becky Bybee
Hey Schnake!! I also grew up in the Humble Ward with Robert. I can't believe you were only 13 when you moved to Humble... how time flies. I wish you and Camellia the best, marriage is so much fun and the kids are even better. Congratulations!
Melinda LeBlanc
As your Mom I can say I am joyful to have you as my son. I knew you were going places the day you just took off full speed through all the puddles in the yard with your good shoes on and didn't stop till you just couldn't run another step; then after you started school one afternoon you took the posthole digger and dug bunches of holes all over the yard looking for the water table because you saw it in a book and knew if you just dug enough holes you'd be able to find it! I'm still waiting for you to develope that force field that you can put over the house so you can cut the grass without getting rained on!! I know you are someone special and will always strive with all the energy you possess to do good things for others and your family; you love the Lord and may you always ask His guidance in all you do that you and your family may be blessed. All My Love, Mom
Louis Voisin
Thanks Robert for the Visit on this machine ..Lots of luck and love I wish i could make your wedding...Camellia will make you a wonderful wife for all times,, Your Grandfather and Nettie
Tina and Wendell Voisin
Congratulations Robert and Carmellia, Tina and I are happy that you found someone to share your life and love with. We are wishing the best for you always! Love, Tina and Wendell
Bibi Thompson
Hey Robert, Congrats to you and Carmellia on your wedding plans. I have known Robert for the last Twelve years as my Computer Expert Yes! Do the Math; he was still on a grounding cycle at his home with Mom & Dad. Robert I just love your analytic side in business and everyday life, you have made me stop and think on many occasion and I will always be honor to be a continued part of your live. I just know that you will be the PERFECT husband and Priesthood Leader. It has been a pleasure for me to have known you for so long and to be able to say that you are an inspiration to me from the start of our friendship. Thanks for the time spent in Las Vegas getting to know Carmellia, she is truly lovely inside and out and I pray that you two will have a wonderful life together.
Clifford Thompson
Robert, Congratulation on choosing an Eternal Companion who loves the lord and is of your faith. Congratulation.
David LeBlanc
Robert is my older brother, he is a wonderfull man. I am happy that he has finaly found a woman who can love him for all that he is. He has been kind to me through out the years, so hopefully he will be as kind to his new wife and children.
Bridger Ashton
Congrats Robert! It's just sad that I heard it from your dad before you, though! jk I agree with should do this in about 10 different languages and make it into an IT lab. could even scale it to fit a wall-mounted LCD screen with touchscreen inputs!
Tracy and Dane Graves
Congratulations Robert! We're so happy that you found someone to share your love and life with. Carmellia is absolutely beautiful, and we look forward to meeting her. Be safe in your travels and blessed with the best life offers. Love, Aunt Tracy and Uncle Dane
Ricky LeBlanc
What can I say other then this is my son in whom I am well pleased (I always wanted to say that). First and foremost congratulations in selecting one sweet and very much adored young lady for your eternal companion. Yes, they do have people out there that are as wonderful as your mom. Robert has always been a very focused individual. When he sets his mind on something he will not settle for second best or mediocre. With Robert anything is possible; the impossible just takes a little longer. Remember the council of Paul to the Ephesians, Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it. I love you lots and remember to always treat Carmellia like the queen that she is. -- Love, Dad
Andrew Hunter
This is awesome! Congratulations on the engagement. Now go forth and... er... find me someone!
Don Bloxham
Congratts. I wish you both the best.
Kent Crookston
Robert, if you take care of Carmellia the way you took care of me while I was the dean, she will be very well looked after. You both have my best wishes; Robert you have my appreciation and respect.
Brenda & Beuvans Savoie
We are greatly blessed having you as our Grandson. You've given your very best in all you have stirived to do. Looking forward to challenges. Even though it may seem impossible to others. Over comming many obstacles inyour life. Was a little professor from the very young age. Informing Maw Maw she didn't know how to make biscuits. Cause that wasn't the way Mom made them. Remember how special you are to us. May the Holy Spirit guide you and Carmellia in your marriage. We wish you only the very best. Love Maw Maw and Paw Paw
Belinda Rudolph
Having you as my nephew was a blessing for many reason to me. You were my nephew and like my child at times. And now I can no longer call you our lil Professor of the family. Because you are a real Professor now . Congratulation to you Robert-Lee and Carmellia. May God watch over the both of you on your new journey in life together. With all our Love and Prayers Nanny and Lloyd
Barry Lunt
Way to go, Robert! That should earn you an A in your next class with me! Seriously, congratulations to both of you; that's great news. I'm sure Melanie is excited for you, too.
Dorine Jesperson
Robert, Danny Yeo just made it possible for me to get the e-mail messages sent to me since I left BYU August 1st. Of all the messages I've been reading today, your's is the most wonderful! I'm so very pleased that you have found the most extraordinary lady to share you life with. I always enjoyed chatting with you and the superb work you did to keep my computer and printer working in the Plant and Animal Science Department. I hope other things in your life work out as wonderfully well as your search for a companion appears to have done. I think Carmellia is a very fortunate young lady and that you'll make a tremendous team. Dorine Jesperson
Gloria Nez
Robert, we are so happy to have another great blessing in our lives, you! When we first met you, I felt a very comforting and good feeling about you. Carmellia has had many wonderful things to say about you and we can gladly say that we agree with her. I have learned that you are very spiritual, kind, loving, caring, and a very fun person. I know that you will be a wonderful husband to Carmellia and a great father. Robert, we have enjoyed every minute we have spent with you and look forward to many more! You have our blessing to have our daughter's hand in marriage. Welcome to our family. With love, Mom
Rusty Harward
I first meet robert in the MTC. He is a very wonderful man to be around. I am very happy & pleased to hear about this wonderful & blessed time in both of your lives. May you both blessed with an eternity of happiness.
Dustin Cornelius
Whew! You are getting close to the big day. I hope everything is going to plan. Congrats. I think you'll find that life after marriage is definitely different, and definitely better. I hope eternal happiness is yours and Carmellia's. Oh, and see you at work today.
Robin Hammond
Welome to the Family, Robert. Congratulations to both you and Carmellia. We hope you have a wonderful and amazing journey together.

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