Carmellia LeBlanc
We were married on 27 Oct 2006
Carmellia Pauline Nez was born in Phoenix, AZ and raised in Page, AZ. She graduated from Page High School in 1997. She attended Ricks College until she served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Chile Santiago West mission from April 2000 until November 2001. Carmellia returned to Brigham Young University Idaho where she graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor's degree in Communication. She went on to graduate studies at the University of Utah to pursue a Master's degree in Education. She currently resides in Las Vegas, NV working at the Community College of Southern Nevada as an Academic Advisor.
Robert LeBlanc
I am privileged and honored to have the opportunity to marry Carmellia. She is a very beautiful and an absolutely wonderful woman and it is a delight to be in her company. She is very spiritual and knows our Heavenly Father personally. She is a dedicated woman and is a very hard worker; she always accomplishes what she puts her mind to. She is smart and funny and always makes you feel included, important and loved. There is no other person that I would rather spend my life and eternity with then her. Thank you Carmellia for being you and allowing me to be in the company of someone so gorgeous.
alejandra gonzyyy
estas hermosa la felicidad y la dicha se apoderan de ti..jaja y te entiendo muy bien .Desde chile les deseo la felicidad eterna que se merecen. Con cariño ale
Amber Oritz
I served a mission with Carmellia and although we never got to be companions we lived together several times. I must agree that she is one of the funnest people in the world and she always make me laugh when I am with her. Also she is a real example to people by the way she lives her life! I love her to death!!!
Raynae Dodson
I've known Carmellia since the 6th grade and it's been so much fun getting to know her. She is smart, funny, creative...the list can go on. She has a strong testimony of the Gospel and is such a huge example for me. She has been there to keep me on the straight and narrow when so many things went wrong and was there to celebrate all the good things in life. Carmellia is the bestest fren' in the whole world and I love her very, very much!!
Matt Waite
Carmellia is my best friend.... I have never known anyone more humble and loving before, and I am so grateful to know her. From the first time I met her, in 2000 in Santiago Chile, in my first area of the mission, I knew we had an instant connection. Since then we have remained best friends and in constant contact. I heard a quote once that talked about how the friendship and example of one person will not only bless you, but also your posterity for generations and generations, until millions will come to call that persons name "blessed". I know from the friendship and lasting effect of Carmellia, millions, in the course of this world, will come to call her name "blessed". Given who I am, she has never judged me, and has only loved me, and in return I love her very much. Thanks Carmellia for being my friend, Im so happy for you and Robert.
Dezi Lynn
Carmellia is awesome!! I've known her for a long time, I don't know how long, but a long time. And it's been cool knowing her! I love the fact that she's going to get married, and break a curse that has been on our group of friends for a really long time!!! Just kidding. But I'm happy for both her and the amazing guy that gets to keep her... Love ya!!
Krissy Sloan
Carmellia!!! I'm sooooo happy for you!!! I remember when I first met you in 2nd grade, we would go out to the playground at lunch time and play with our little eraser many memories!!.....Now your getting married! Its so hard to believe but at the same time its not because it was bound to happen, you meeting the perfect person for you and living happily ever after. I'm soo happy for you and I am so blessed to have known you and to have been a part of your life for so long as deserve the best!!! I wish you all the happiness in the world....this is just the beginning of something soooo special! Love you lots from us in Montana! Hope to see you soon!
María José Astudillo
Hermana Carmellia: Que felicidad me causa el saber que usted es feliz que esta a punto de lograr formar una familia en esta tierra. Espero que todo lo que venga se resuma en felicidad y amor, junto a su esposo. también quiero decirle que concerle fue super especial para nuestra familia, que le queremos y recordamos siempre. Esperamos volver a verle. Con amor, Familia Astudillo Palacios
Robin Hammond
Dearest Cousin, You have grown into such a beautiful young woman who has touched the spirit of so many others. May your life with Robert continue in its blessings as you share your love and your light with the world. Your new family sounds like it will come to cherish you as we have in our hearts. You are blessed indeed. We wish you joy, laughter, steadfastness, and love in your journey together.
Hannah-Rose Nez
Carmellia, Carmellia, Carmellia... Its great that she is getting married because now I have the room to myself... Jk. She has always been there for me, even when I acted like little sisters are suppose to act. Unfortunately she is a great example to me and trys to keep me out of trouble... jk. Hey now I am excited for Robert and her. Love the little monster!
Melinda LeBlanc
I only got to meet and talk with you a very short time when we were visiting Robert but I think you are a very sweet person and will be good for Robert. I wish for y'all all the best and a wonderful life together! I know you love the Lord and love Robert as well and that makes my heart happy! Love, Melinda
Whitney Wiltbank
Hey, nice bio. Congratulations! Hey guess what, I am know living in Flagstaff AZ. Am I going to get an invite? Huh.
Louis Voisin
Cermellia I'm sure I will get to know you in time when you and Robert come to visit . And I'm all excited about that. You look beautiful in your picture...Sonny
Bibi Thompson
It was a pleasure to have met you on your special weekend. Marriage is awesome and I know that you and Robert will have a great time. He is a great all round good guy. Enjoy Eternity.
Clifford Thompson
Carmella, you are marrying a winner all around. He is an accomplisher, super great Guy, and most of all an Eternal Companion. One who will be there in person and spirit at all time. Congratulation, and I wish you all the best.
Heather Long
Carmellia - Sarah told me you were getting hitched!!!! Congrats!!!! I'm so excited for you! Heard she just recently told you I had a baby... don't worry, I know you'll be next! ;) Hope you guys have a fantabulous time together now and when you get married!
Ellen Pearsone
Ah, Carmellia . . . what can I say . . . except I know you'll put everything you've got into building a great marriage and family, just as you have always put everything you've got into those things you view as important. Your heart follows the Lord and you are a woman of integrity. Robert can't possibly know how fortunate he is, but with time he will learn. And you'll both enjoy the process. I wish you the best.
Camille Leishman
Carmellia, I couldn't be happier for you. You're hubby to be is one lucky guy to have caught you. You're a sweet heart. Best of wishes to the both of you. If you need any thing let me know. You are as beautiful as you were when I met you up at Ricks!! Luv ya cutie.
Nikki Clark
Carmellia is a wonderful friend and the best person I have known by far. I love her dearly and am forever grateful for the example she has been to me. It's amazing that as a convert she has such a strong testimony and great knowledge about the gospel. She truly is an enduring person and I wish all the best for herself and Mr. Robert Le Blanc. Both Robert and Carmellia are inspiring people--if you haven't met both of them, you need to!
Christy Gearhart
Hey Carmellia! Like everyone else has said, I am so happy for you! As a former roomie, I can tell Robert some pretty juicy stories, so watch out! Just kidding! You know I love you and I'm so excited for you to be entering this new and wonderful chapter of your life. Remember to always keep the Savior at the center of your marriage, like it says in the proclamation, and you truly will live happily ever after!
Ricky LeBlanc
To my dear future daughter-in-law, Carmellia, although we only met very briefly I am very happy for you and Robert to be getting married. Robert has said much about you, which makes me very happy to have you as a daughter. I am well pleased with the impact that you have made on your friends and know you will be wonderful wife and mother. Robert has set his target very high for his eternal companion and by all indications he as surpassed his expectations many times over with such a wonderful young lady as you. Welcome to the family and just remember we Cajuns can be quite quirky sometimes but we love people and love good food and sharing our love for both. I look forward to many years of getting to know you and sharing your sweet spirit. -- Love, Dad
Robyn Bergstrom
I am so excited for you Carmelia. I enjoyed you in class, in the Chicago Urban Studies program, and as a friend. Good luck to you in this wonderful endeavor you are undertaking. Congratulations!
Cammie Evans
Hey Friend! I am so happy that he has finally found you. I am also excited about you moving back up here so we can hang out occasionally. Congratulations and I wish you the best. I thank the Lord very often for sending you into my life. I was desperately praying for good roommates and the Lord truly delivered that promise. I have missed your company more than any other roommate I have ever had (and there have been quite a few). I am happy that you and Robert now get to be permanent roommates. I wish you all the happiness in the world.
Paul Bynum
I wish you all the best in your next grand chapter in life!! CONGRATS!!!
President and Sister Smith
Congratulations! What wonderful news. We are so happy for you both. Carmellia was a great missionary, hard-working, loving and devoted. She will be a fabulous wife and mother. You are one lucky man, Robert. How great that you will be in Provo. We are looking forward to meeting Robert. He sounds like a great guy!
Sarah Meppen
Ok, Carmellia, I know that it has taken me forever to write something, I apologize! I am so excited for you and Robert, I know that he truly is fortunate and blessed to have such a wonderful women in his life. I remember when I first met you at NAHA years ago and what a great inspiration you have been to me and continue to be to me. I wish both you and Robert the best!!! Congratulations!!!
Lila Gold
Carmellia - I just couldn't be more thrilled for you. And for Robert! Since the very first time we met, I've known that life have great things in store for you - and this is one of the greatest. My question is: Did you win Robert over with your "fry bread?"
Michael Timms
Carmellia - I read your bio and Robert’s response. I hope that Robert continues to put you on a pedestal and shower you with complements. In my experience, wives never tire of being praised by their husbands! The only wise advice that I can give you is that marriage is not very difficult, and ultimately fulfilling when you always speak kind words to one another. That shouldn’t be too difficult for one of the most kindhearted people I know. All the best to you both.
Holly Price
Carmellia is dang cool. We got in lots of "arguments" when she was my roommate, though I never took it too far for fear of getting my trash kicked. I especially liked to get a rise out of her by poking fun at her and Robert (still do). I hope I'm still invited over to their house to watch their big screen TV. Oh yeah, and that's pretty cool that their getting married too.
Gloria Nez
Sweetie, you have always been the ray of sunshine in my life. When Heavenly Father blessed me to have you, He knew that I needed you. You have all there is to be a great wife and mother. I know this because you are very caring and lovable. You have a very big heart; you are always willing to help others and be of service to those that are in need. You're also a hard worker and always aim to do good and to be better. You are responsible in all you do and I thank my Heavenly Father for blessing me with such a wonderful and beautiful daughter. I never had to worry about the choses you made for they were always good. Remember-marriage is happiness when Christ is always at the center of your life. Treat one another with lots of love and always speak kind words to each other. Your marriage will grow and blossom. Remember some of the things we have taught you. We are so happy for you Sweetie. Robert is great, fun, and a loving person just like you. We love you both very much, and I know we are all blessed. We love you very much. Love, Mom
Alejandra Gonzalez
Carmellia...te ves la novia mas feliz y realmente lo estas, pues quiero decirle a todos aquellos que escriban aqui que Carmellia es muy muy bonita y buena,de buenos sentimientos dispuesta ayudar cuando alguien lo necesite... She was my companion in THE BIG WEST MISSION It was a great time together...........I wish you the best in your lives..................Congratulations!
Margaret Riley Santhanam
Best Wishes, Carmellia! We wish you a happy marriage. I still remember you as a very little girl smiling and holding onto your mom's leg. Margaret
Summer Mull
NEZ!!! You're only Nez for a little longer. Congratulations and best wishes! Carmellia was my greenie in the mission. She always impressed me with her ability to follow the spirit. As a greenie she didn't always know what was being said but by the spirit ALWAYS knew what to share. I have told many people about her ability to know through the spirit what scriptures, etc. to share at the right times. Carmellia, you're great at everything you do and will be great in this new adventure! I've thought about you often through the years and hope to stay in touch in the years to come. Can't wait to meet your man!
Caleb Steele
Hey Carmel way cool web page. Carmel it is perfect that you are working in education. You have amplified my understanding in so many subjects. I want to thank-you for inviting me out to the Native American Heritage Association—it was so fun. Robert is lucky to have won you over. I don’t know Robert yet, but if he has managed your approval he must be an intelligent, loving man. You will no doubt be a great wife. Congratulations and good luck.
Sandra & Steven Kidman
My Honeymoon suggestion: get a very nice hotel room, and stay there! Congratulations!
Sandra Riley
Carmellia, we were so happy to hear about your up coming marriage. Best of luck to you and your future husband.I love the story of how you got your name. Our families shared many wonderful times over the years.
Megan Roberts
Carmellia, I know you are so happy congratulations. Your new best friend will always be by your side.
Melanie Masten
Carmellia, I am so happy to have you become a part of our family. Your the first person to ever be able to bring Robert out of his "work is life" trance, and that's no small feat! I'm glad that I was able to meet you and I think you're just adorable! I know that Robert will always always be there for you through everything. I'm just so happy for you guys and wish you all the best. - Mel
Brian Bevan
Carmellia, Congratulations. I've known you since bingo, and I couldn’t be happier for you. Take care and I'll see you when you are Sister LeBlanc.
Sarah Haskew
Hi Carmellia! I don't know if you remember me, it's been a while. But Nikki told me about this. Congratulations on your marriage. I wish you and your new husband the best! I enjoyed the time when I got to associate with you. You are a fun person to be with like others have said. God bless!
Tashina Bradley (Parker)
Hey Carmellia! I just saw your pictures of your baby. She is so pretty. You are really lucky! One of these days my family and I will have to come and see you. Luv ya and hope you are happy!!

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